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Lime paint, a type of paint that has existed for thousands of years, is being made again in a traditional way by Pure & Original.
Fresco lime paint is a 100% mineral paint, composed of quick lime and natural pigments. The final finish is very authentic, matte and shows different shades and strokes. Available in more than 150 colors.
Mold- and bacteria resistant.



Marrakech Walls

Classico chalk based paint is a  professional, environmentally friendly, water- and chalk based paint. It results in a beautiful matte, luxurious and powdery velvet finish.
Classico is washable and available in 
170 gorgeous colors tinted with natural pigments only. Very suitable for walls and furniture (no wax needed), excellent adherence and coverage.

Marrakech Walls® is a revolutionary,
100 % mineral paint with the appearance of Tadelakt- or a concrete like look and has a silky soft surface. Marrakech Walls® is ready mixed and easy to apply, even for DIY.
Available in more than 150 colors.
Mould- and bacteria resistant.

Pure & Original authentic paints are produced with great respect for human and nature. All products meet the most stringent environmental requirements (VOC < 30) and are made in a traditional way by a family owned factory using the best ingredients only. The deep and rich colors are developed by Pure & Original and made with multiple natural pigments. Pure & Original, a paint you have to experience... 
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